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About Us

Founder of IN TERRIS, with over 20 years of professional experience, Vincent Delacour has a dual profile of Information Systems expert and CFO.

Vincent held responsibility positions in large renowned international companies (IBM Europe, IBM-Ricoh joint venture). In prior jobs, as well as in recent positions, Vincent participated in large IT Projects, as Architect, and more recently as Project Director for the operational integration of a subsidiary in Ricoh mainline. This covered both the organizational aspects (re-insourcing of support functions) and the Systems angle: move to the Ricoh ERP, data migration.


Vincent holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and had general management & Finance education, under IBM Programs (Henley Business School). Vincent is an active member of the DFCG —association des Directeurs Financiers & Contrôleurs de Gestion —, collaborating to DFCG (and other) publications.


Contact: delacour@in-terris.fr, +33 663 057 732